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New Year + New Location = Streamlined Operations

We are officially settled into our new headquarters building located at 2009 Renaissance Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA. We briefly touched on the move in our end of year blog posted Dec. 30th and are excited to report that the move went smoothly… We haven’t missed a beat!

Paratherm's New Headquarters
2009 Renaissance Blvd., King of Prussia PA — USA

The new headquarter location allows us to continue to do what we do best—proactively respond to the needs of our customers. When it comes to indirect heating applications, we are the company that process industry professionals rely on for the highest levels of products, expertise, and assistance. The features of our new facility will allow us to be even more efficient and productive.

Our new space includes modern facilities to interact with customers in person and through electronic communication systems. A presentation auditorium and meeting facilities will enable us to comfortably invite in groups for demonstrations, using the latest in large display screens. This also allows us to include off-site groups through the use of state-of-the-art webcams.

Fish-eye view of Paratherm HQ Interior

Fish-eye lens shows presentation and meeting area soon after the move

The new lab space is twice the size of the lab at previous locations. It has been upgraded with new automated testing equipment that results in increased test options and faster testing which offers improved accuracy, wider performance ranges, and improved repeatability. In order to provide more information to our customers for better decision making, we are currently working on improvements to our report presentation and formats so that customers have access to our data and results.

Shot along lab bench showing instruments and vapor hood

New laboratory, twice the size of previous

We’re still committed to fast supply, responding when emergencies happen, and helping prevent problems by designing feedback systems to monitor and measure the vitals to keep processes at optimum, and give warning when action is needed.  that continuously monitoring the thermal fluid in your systems to maintain proper temperatures. Fluids, cleaners, and additives from Paratherm are engineered for optimum machine performance, but if you do experience unplanned downtime, we will respond quickly to troubleshoot the problem and get you the products and data you need to keep production running. And as part of the global Lubrizol team we have stocking locations throughout North America, and on five other continents.

Paratherm’s new official contact information is:

2009 Renaissance Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19046 USA
Tel: +1 (610) 941-4900

We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of professionals ready to make this new home a place for customers to explore Paratherm’s outstanding product lines, while maintaining our dedication to serving our customers. We are excited to welcome you all to our new space! Contact us ASAP to plan a visit!

Illustration of Building and Moving Van

Settling in to the New Year

Paratherm Feb. 2016 Outlook Blog ImageOur December post recapped events that took place in 2015. With January behind us, it is an ideal time for us to look toward the future and clue you in on our plans for the next 11 months.

Our main priority is to continue to serve hot-oil operators in a wide range of industries. The in-depth application support, troubleshooting, and fluid maintenance and analysis programs will continue to be a leader in the industry and provide the expertise and experience that our customers have come to rely on. We will continue to be the problem solvers you need to keep processes up and running.

With that said, we are excited to announce we will be conducting training webinars to provide our customers with the necessary information to optimize their indirect-heating systems, incorporating advice to help meet current safety codes and requirements. Watch for notification of the first of these safety and operation seminars on specific applications and industry topics in the near future.

Ed Delate, our new Business Director, continues to inspire the company with new ideas and concepts to best meet the needs of current and potential customers. Ed brings years of manufacturing knowledge to Paratherm, with experience in many applications that require hot-oil systems. We are looking forward to broadening our customer base with Ed’s guidance and leadership.

This year we are also expecting to see an increase in biodiesel production, as the Renewable Fuel Standard was increased in late 2015. The advanced biofuel, biodiesel, is a viable alternative to fossil fuels and meets standards for renewable energy. As the industry increases production, Paratherm will be there to support its growth.

To recap the end of last year, the move to our new office space took place in December, and today, we are fully settled into the new establishment. Our new address is: 2009 Renaissance Blvd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. Although the address has changed, our people, services, and products remain as responsive as ever!

We look forward to another exciting year of providing the highest quality products to keep systems running smoothly to solve and prevent challenging process problems that await.

From the Paratherm team, we wish you a happy start to the 2016 year!