Earth Day and Our Efforts

Earth Day is almost here and in recognition of its 46th birthday we are speaking to our efforts in the biodiesel industry. For over two decades now, Paratherm has incorporated biodiesel work into our daily activities. We have been an associate member of the National Biodiesel Board, and have also been featured in BIODIESEL MAGAZINE as the initiator of a mail survey of top-shape biodiesel plants in the U.S., as well as an article written by Dave Nilles – click here for more information.

Where and why did it all begin?

To briefly summarize, in the early 1990s a biodiesel plant was searching for a durable, food-grade medium that was stable for high-temperature heat transfer. The ultimate goal was to distill methanol off of the glycerine recovery—a recovery and purification step in the overall process. The company chose the Paratherm™ NF Heat Transfer Fluid—both for it’s non-toxic and food-grade properties, and thermal stability at the required high process temperatures.

During that time, Paratherm NF was already making a name for itself, being known for its use in food processing applications, and chemicals manufacturing. As we switched over to biodiesel we noticed an unexpected, but exciting characteristic – a less harsh smell. Biodiesel is less toxic and more considerate than regular diesel. Marc Archambault explains, “At the end of the day, you might crave french fries, but that’s better than having a splitting headache.”globe_78_full

Today, the fluid is used in numerous vegetable oil plants in replacement of steam or synthetic vapor-phase fluids. This distillation procedure is technically known as oil deodorization, because originally it was intended to remove off-flavors. The term now refers to a more sophisticated process that results in purer and more consistent edible oils for use in food production and home kitchens.

And these days, the feedstock streams for biodiesel and other biofuel manufacturing processes come from the same ultimate source. Used cooking oils, as well as raw vegetable oils and fats rendered from animal sources are all used for biofuel production.

What makes this heat transfer fluid attractive to the biodiesel industry?

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Paratherm NF has high temperature capability – allowing for 550° to 600° process temperature range, with a safety buffer to allow for temperature or operator glitches.
2. Paratherm NF carries NSF food-grade status – meaning it is non-toxic, easily recyclable and disposable.
3. This heat transfer fluid is readily available – stocked in 6 North-American regional warehouses, also available for emergencies on evenings and weekends. Need it by tonight or tomorrow morning? Paratherm can deliver!
4. Added technical support – questions about how your system works? Paratherm’s team of sales, tech support, and lab analysis engineers is on call to help with any hot oil questions.

Contact Paratherm for your eco-friendly heat transfer fluid products today! For Earth Day, and every day. For hot oil vs. steam costs and savings click here:

Construction Today Features Paratherm

Recently, our company was featured in Construction Today, the magazine aimed at the people who build North America. This feature allowed us to highlight some of the areas where we stand as segment leaders and discuss how we are constantly trying to move forward with asphalt heating technology.

Dealing With Challenges and Presenting Solutions

One way that we, at Paratherm, have demonstrated our superiority is through the solutions we have developed from our fluid analysis program. Our customers work with asphalt, which stays fluid prior to use, but when it cools it becomes the solid surfaces you find on roadways. Keeping that asphalt hot and pliable is important.

Often, customers come to us with systems where the fluid that is in use (sometimes a multi-purpose oil instead of thermal fluid engineered for high-temperature heating use) has degraded faster than expected, which can cause all sorts of problems with uneven system heating, component damage, or loss of production. Our engineers use fluid analysis to troubleshoot the systems, and help to address any problems. The engineers can help the customer to correct incipient problems and avoid full system failure, or and use a running fluid analysis history to track their fluids over time, keeping them in good condition — preventing problems before they occur.Front page of Paratherm Article, Construction Today

Developing New Products

One of the biggest dilemmas our customers face, and possibly the most crucial, is assessing and replacing heat-transfer fluid in hot-mix asphalt plants and storage tanks. Asphalt needs to be kept hot and fluid for time periods of up to a week. Timing depends upon the plant schedule and the schedule of the crews spreading the asphalt. The fluid must be able to take the high temperatures without degrading or breaking down, and still be operable for years to come.

On top of developing these new products for industrial indirect heating, and improving services for maintaining them, we also work with our customers to provide training sessions on using our heat-transfer fluids. After all, simply having the technology isn’t enough. Clients must have the necessary training and knowledge of the product. We work on-site, with equipment manufacturers as well as plant managers and maintenance personnel, to make recommendations and help our customers get the best life out of the fluid.

As a national leader in heat transfer fluids, we expect our business to continue to grow. With the investment in infrastructure and road repairs that seemingly increase year after year, Paratherm sees a big future in the market. We also continually explore other uses for our heat-transfer fluids, in other applications.

We would like to take a moment to recognize Janice Hoppe for the great article write in Construction Today. Continue reading our blog for the latest updates!

New Year + New Location = Streamlined Operations

We are officially settled into our new headquarters building located at 2009 Renaissance Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA. We briefly touched on the move in our end of year blog posted Dec. 30th and are excited to report that the move went smoothly… We haven’t missed a beat!

Paratherm's New Headquarters
2009 Renaissance Blvd., King of Prussia PA — USA

The new headquarter location allows us to continue to do what we do best—proactively respond to the needs of our customers. When it comes to indirect heating applications, we are the company that process industry professionals rely on for the highest levels of products, expertise, and assistance. The features of our new facility will allow us to be even more efficient and productive.

Our new space includes modern facilities to interact with customers in person and through electronic communication systems. A presentation auditorium and meeting facilities will enable us to comfortably invite in groups for demonstrations, using the latest in large display screens. This also allows us to include off-site groups through the use of state-of-the-art webcams.

Fish-eye view of Paratherm HQ Interior

Fish-eye lens shows presentation and meeting area soon after the move

The new lab space is twice the size of the lab at previous locations. It has been upgraded with new automated testing equipment that results in increased test options and faster testing which offers improved accuracy, wider performance ranges, and improved repeatability. In order to provide more information to our customers for better decision making, we are currently working on improvements to our report presentation and formats so that customers have access to our data and results.

Shot along lab bench showing instruments and vapor hood

New laboratory, twice the size of previous

We’re still committed to fast supply, responding when emergencies happen, and helping prevent problems by designing feedback systems to monitor and measure the vitals to keep processes at optimum, and give warning when action is needed.  that continuously monitoring the thermal fluid in your systems to maintain proper temperatures. Fluids, cleaners, and additives from Paratherm are engineered for optimum machine performance, but if you do experience unplanned downtime, we will respond quickly to troubleshoot the problem and get you the products and data you need to keep production running. And as part of the global Lubrizol team we have stocking locations throughout North America, and on five other continents.

Paratherm’s new official contact information is:

2009 Renaissance Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19046 USA
Tel: +1 (610) 941-4900

We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of professionals ready to make this new home a place for customers to explore Paratherm’s outstanding product lines, while maintaining our dedication to serving our customers. We are excited to welcome you all to our new space! Contact us ASAP to plan a visit!

Illustration of Building and Moving Van

Settling in to the New Year

Paratherm Feb. 2016 Outlook Blog ImageOur December post recapped events that took place in 2015. With January behind us, it is an ideal time for us to look toward the future and clue you in on our plans for the next 11 months.

Our main priority is to continue to serve hot-oil operators in a wide range of industries. The in-depth application support, troubleshooting, and fluid maintenance and analysis programs will continue to be a leader in the industry and provide the expertise and experience that our customers have come to rely on. We will continue to be the problem solvers you need to keep processes up and running.

With that said, we are excited to announce we will be conducting training webinars to provide our customers with the necessary information to optimize their indirect-heating systems, incorporating advice to help meet current safety codes and requirements. Watch for notification of the first of these safety and operation seminars on specific applications and industry topics in the near future.

Ed Delate, our new Business Director, continues to inspire the company with new ideas and concepts to best meet the needs of current and potential customers. Ed brings years of manufacturing knowledge to Paratherm, with experience in many applications that require hot-oil systems. We are looking forward to broadening our customer base with Ed’s guidance and leadership.

This year we are also expecting to see an increase in biodiesel production, as the Renewable Fuel Standard was increased in late 2015. The advanced biofuel, biodiesel, is a viable alternative to fossil fuels and meets standards for renewable energy. As the industry increases production, Paratherm will be there to support its growth.

To recap the end of last year, the move to our new office space took place in December, and today, we are fully settled into the new establishment. Our new address is: 2009 Renaissance Blvd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. Although the address has changed, our people, services, and products remain as responsive as ever!

We look forward to another exciting year of providing the highest quality products to keep systems running smoothly to solve and prevent challenging process problems that await.

From the Paratherm team, we wish you a happy start to the 2016 year!

Perfect Paratherm Fit: New Business Director Ed Delate Aboard Team

If you read our December blog you already know about the addition of Ed Delate to the Paratherm team this past August. For those of you who missed our post – Ed is our newest Business Director, bringing an abundance of great ideas to further our company goals and initiatives.

Ed’s previous experience includes roles such as the Vice President of Global Engineering, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Safety at Keystone Foods, a division of The Marfrig Group. Before joining his new work family, Ed worked very closely with top global food industry companies. His senior level executive experience in the food industry, BS in Chemical Engineering, and MBA further his capabilities to bring excellence to our customer service focus.

Ed was already familiar with Paratherm when he set his sight on Business Director. Past employers used Paratherm for heat transfer fluid needs such as heating fry oil, for ovens, baking, and meat and poultry processing – to name a few. As a result, we were pleased to learn that Ed already felt a personal connection with our company.

After working with Ed for the past four months we know we made the right decision in bringing him on board. His strong leadership, management, and strategy execution have increased our momentum as specialists in the hot-oil system and heat transfer fluid industries. Our service-oriented crew, with a variety of training, skills, and experience, is equally thrilled about everything Ed brings to the table. We foresee a bright future ahead with our sales continuing to drive upward through Ed’s welcomed direction and assistance.

Ed recognizes the tremendous legacy here at Paratherm, recently guided by his now-retired predecessor, George Schreiber. Ed is already carrying on with a similar work ethic to keep our mission, and his inherited personal mission, of exceeding high customer-service expectations right on track. He continues to emphasize the necessity of sample testing, analysis, and technical operation needs. Under Ed’s guidance, our group will maintain its successful efforts of focusing on old and new customers alike. What he finds best about the company? The fact that we have the background knowledge to connect our customers with the best personnel specific to job requirements, as well as getting the job done right! We continue to pride ourselves on keeping close contact with the OEM’s for equipment such heaters, heat users, and other components, to understand the ins and outs of working closely with our clients and fully understanding their needs.

As we look toward 2016 the team would like to publicly welcome Ed to the Paratherm family and Lubrizol organization. We look forward to what you will bring to the table in the New Year, Ed – congratulations on all of your hard work and success!

Paratherm Turned up the Heat in 2015!

As specialists in hot-oil systems, heat transfer fluids, and processes, we know how to keep systems and applications up and running. As a company, we are continually improving our products and Dec. 2015 Calendar Imageservices to meet the needs of our customers and in 2015 we continued that ideal.

The past 12 months have seen a few major changes for our company, including a move to new office space. As anyone who has ever moved can attest, it is hard work and requires plenty of planning to make a move go smoothly and, as of Dec. 21, our new office address is: 2009 Renaissance Blvd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. With added space and new surroundings we are better able to serve our customers. The move has been seamless thus far and we thank everyone who worked so diligently to make it go so smoothly.

We are also welcoming a new member to the Paratherm team! Ed Delate has come on board as the new Business Director and has hit the ground running. Ed has brought his enthusiasm to the whole team and has many plans and ideas to bring to his new role. We are all very excited to have Ed join us on our mission to serve our customers with the industry’s best system and fluid monitoring services, complementing our engineered hot oils and synthetic heat transfer fluids for a full range of temperatures.

In 2015, the biodiesel market continued to increase volume and the industry is satisfied that the EPA’s final ruling on the Renewable Fuels Standards issue has been increased to 2 billion gallons per year by 2017. Representing a doubling of the amount that was required by the original law, this should keep the biodiesel industry operating at near capacity if the 2017 mandate is met. The RFS ends the year on a positive note for biodiesels.

Keep an eye out for our early January blogs that will take an in-depth look at the above content. In closing out the year we would like to wish that all of our customers enjoy very happy and healthy New Year!

What Makes Paratherm Different

How does Paratherm differ? We drew the differences in a 2-minute video — whiteboard style!

And, for those of you who prefer to read, skim, study, and/or critique the written word, here is the voice-over script…

videofrontThe beauty of closed-loop hot-oil technology is that it operates simply and uniformly with little of the maintenance intervention required by alternatives like steam or direct heat. But this low-maintenance characteristic of the technology may leave you in the dark about the operating condition of your application, or what to do when shut down — or slowdown — occurs. Paratherm focuses on keeping you involved in every aspect of the care of your system, from the fluid sale and initial fill, to fluid analysis, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. Paratherm’s experts will help advise you in the selection of the right fluid for your unique circumstances, and their professional fluid analysis will help guide preventive and predictive maintenance to help improve the system’s operation—and extend its operating life. Unplanned downtime with your application can cost you thousands of dollars every hour that you’re not in production. Therefore, Paratherm utilizes a streamlined logistics flow for fast supply when you need an expedited response. We keep our fluids in stock at several locations throughout the country. When you send us an order, we’re typically able to ship it the same day. When issues with your hot-oil system arise, Paratherm’s Technical Services section is ready with probing questions, and then, troubleshooting tips to help get it working again. You can reach someone by phone for technical assistance or an emergency shipment at any time, including evenings and weekends. At Paratherm, thermal fluid is all that we do, so we have to be the best. For more information on our products and services, simply call or visit our website and fill out our online form.”

To receive a series of emails about Paratherm, and thermal fluid technology in general, visit the Learn About Paratherm page at About Paratherm.

Paratherm Extends Globally

For over 25 years, Paratherm has been exceeding the expectations that come along with our reputation as a premier provider of heat transfer fluids and related expertise in North America.  This is the inherent result of our refusal to compromise on the quality of our products and our genuine dedication to supporting the needs of our customers.  We have proven ourselves with end users and key industry specifiers as the “go-to” support team whenever a mishap or crisis occurs.  As our business capabilities extend globally, our commitment to staying true to the core practices that make us who we are puts Paratherm in a position to become a true world leader in thermal-fluid products & services.


It is a common occurrence for plant managers to reach out to us in a panic for a fast and reliable solution to their thermal-fluid crisis situation.  Paratherm has heard it all, from catastrophic system issues (“somebody” backed the forklift into a valve and there’s 300 gallons of fluid on the floor) to moisture flashes forcing hot fluid to be violently discharged from top of the expansion tank (but how could THAT MUCH water get into my system?!).

Admittedly, the majority of Paratherm’s emergency responses are related to less dramatic situations such as the immediate need for more fluid due to a “routine” maintenance-induced leak or a significant miscalculation of volume on an initial fill.  The point is that Paratherm’s on-call team has the practical experience and dedicated availability that allows us to help get operations back up and running quickly and safely regardless of what has occurred and why.

As you can imagine, emergencies of this nature tend to happen during off-peak hours and/or during the most crucial points in time.   Luckily, Paratherm is committed to serving our customers no matter the time of day (or night for that matter) or their location.  Our customer service and logistics teams will respond regardless if it’s the weekend, middle of the night or a holiday.  We will respond to your call for help, provide any technical feedback necessary over the phone and proceed to contact our warehouse operators and expedited shipping services to urgently supply the necessary volume of heat transfer fluid to avert the crisis and minimize the loss of production.


The reason we can serve our customers during these most crucial times is that we have built and qualified a network of resources that effectively covers the industrialized world.  Quite literally, we have dedicated infrastructure, inventory and support personnel in strategic locations worldwide.

While Paratherm is already well known in the industry for our presence throughout the US and Canada, we also have a global distribution channel and support capabilities that we are quite proud of.  And now, as a result of being acquired The Lubrizol Corporation in 2012, Paratherm has a physical presence in 8 countries, effectively extending the reach of our capabilities across 6 continents.  We are genuinely excited about our recent growth and honored to be serving this industry on a truly global scale where we can continue to aid in its progress and become the leading source of heat transfer fluid solutions and distribution.


To inquire more about our heat transfer fluids, hot-oil systems cleaners, or technical services around the world, please visit Paratherm’s international support page.



Did you know…?

Paratherm now has websites in four languages.





Paratherm Recaps NISTM & ILTA 2015

As we have reported, Paratherm has been busy this spring and summer season participating in two expos, the NISTM and the ILTA.  Both shows serve the needs of those within the storage tank and liquid terminal industry.

NISTM gave many educational forums and resources, reviewing updated regulations and management tips for underground and aboveground storage tank systems. As well as, transferring hazardous materials via rail or pipeline were examined, which was a newer addition to this event. Changes to the  NACE and API Corrosion Protection Reference Standards were greatly laid out in detail and much appreciated.   NISTM provided answers to questions on the most recent issues and also provided attendees a chance to meet with federal regulators, colleagues, and new prospective customers.

For Paratherm, the networking environment of this conference is the biggest takeaway.  We enjoy the opportunity to chat with vendors, customers, and prospects participating in this non-profit organization.

Learning and discussing ideas with people within our field is the biggest value from the NISTM conference.

As for the ILTA, we were pleasantly surprised by the bigger crowds and turn out this year.  ILTA always offers a great networking environment on the show floor, but this year felt a bit more enthusiastic from all the newcomers attending.

Paratherm has attended ILTA for many years now, and we can recall when the conference was held in a hotel, however now it is held at a large convention center. It only leaves us to believe that our industry is growing to new heights.

We are tremendously happy to have been in attendance at both shows, to continually grow our network and connections, and to build and maintain relationships with everyone we have met this year and all past years.

Summer is System Maintenance Season

Summer means long, hot days, beach trips, barbecues, and plenty of celebrations. It also means days off and time away from work; at Paratherm, we often notice that this translates to downtime for our clients’ process-heating systems and a slow-down at their facilities.


Fluid Analysis Kit

When things do slow down, it’s a good time to focus on maintaining and improving your heating system; it’s also critical to your quality and safety. In fact, fire safety professional groups and insurers say that fluid analysis is considered a best maintenance practice, while the NFPA and Industrial Insurance underwriters suggest a minimum of annual testing.

One of the best ways to perform regular maintenance and testing is through a comprehensive analysis. Using our fluid analysis kit—which simply entails sending us a sample—we can determine any early warnings about process and equipment problems, and catch something before it becomes a bigger concern. The analysis tests both acid number and viscosity, and determines whether the fluid can remain in use, or needs to be replaced. It also analyzes the condition of the components of the system itself—another invaluable, time- and money-saving tool.

fluid analysis2 pic

Hot Oil System Cleaner Dissolving Sludge

If you are having trouble keeping a process hot or getting the system up to running temperature, this could be an indication of fouling in the heater tubes. In this case, Paratherm liquid cleaner can be used to effectively dissolve deposits while the system is running, and will result in a cleaner, more reliable system.

Taking the short amount of time now to perform a fluid analysis and using the system cleaner will prove invaluable in the long run, ensuring safety and savings throughout the year. Then you can relax and enjoy those summer celebrations.