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Paratherm Recaps NISTM & ILTA 2015

As we have reported, Paratherm has been busy this spring and summer season participating in two expos, the NISTM and the ILTA.  Both shows serve the needs of those within the storage tank and liquid terminal industry.

NISTM gave many educational forums and resources, reviewing updated regulations and management tips for underground and aboveground storage tank systems. As well as, transferring hazardous materials via rail or pipeline were examined, which was a newer addition to this event. Changes to the  NACE and API Corrosion Protection Reference Standards were greatly laid out in detail and much appreciated.   NISTM provided answers to questions on the most recent issues and also provided attendees a chance to meet with federal regulators, colleagues, and new prospective customers.

For Paratherm, the networking environment of this conference is the biggest takeaway.  We enjoy the opportunity to chat with vendors, customers, and prospects participating in this non-profit organization.

Learning and discussing ideas with people within our field is the biggest value from the NISTM conference.

As for the ILTA, we were pleasantly surprised by the bigger crowds and turn out this year.  ILTA always offers a great networking environment on the show floor, but this year felt a bit more enthusiastic from all the newcomers attending.

Paratherm has attended ILTA for many years now, and we can recall when the conference was held in a hotel, however now it is held at a large convention center. It only leaves us to believe that our industry is growing to new heights.

We are tremendously happy to have been in attendance at both shows, to continually grow our network and connections, and to build and maintain relationships with everyone we have met this year and all past years.

March Madness: Two Exciting Upcoming Trade Shows

One of the great things about making products that serve so many different industries and applications is that you get to meet, interact with, and learn about so many different people and companies.

This is especially true when attending industry trade shows—invaluable opportunities to not only get your product out there, but to connect with people and continue to learn more about industry trends, news, and technologies. Therefore, we’re very excited about two upcoming trade shows in March; both, we’re sure, will prove to be successful.

The first show brings us to Baltimore on March 17-19, for the World Of Asphalt 2015. Billed as “The Base of Innovation” for the asphalt industry, it’s a combination of innovation and technology, and in-depth educational opportunities. Of course, it’s also an opportunity for us to exhibit our industry-leading heat transfer fluids for asphalt tanks, mix plants, and storage silos.

These hot oils, designed for the specific needs associated with maintaining asphalt production and quality in plants and tanks, are one-of-a-kind (minimal additives and formulated to withstand temperatures over 600 degrees Fahrenheit!), and we’re very eager to display them at the World Of Asphalt.  Be sure to look for us at booth 1287!

The next trade show brings us to Orlando on March 23-27, where we’ll be connecting and reconnecting with our friends in the plastics industry. At NPE2015 , “the world’s most important plastics trade show and conference of the year,” we’ll once again have the opportunity to learn and interact, while showing attendees how our heat transfer fluids and related services can benefit them.

After all, Paratherm’s hot oils control process temperatures in molding, blowmolding, laminating, thermoforming, extrusion, and more. They solve countless problems while delivering uniformity, reliability, and the highest quality—and are non-fouling and non-toxic. In short, our hot oils for the plastics industry are formulated to make their products and processes better.  View Paratherm’s full NPE directory page at this link:  Paratherm at NPE2015.

March will bring much excitement and great opportunities for us, and we’re looking forward to getting face-to-face with old and new friends at both events. We look forward to seeing you there!