4EQP4KFPZ286 and Two Shows in October

Paratherm Corporation is exhibiting at two industrial trade shows this month.

First, on October 13, is the Alternative and Renewable Energy event, a virtual conference and trade show on the ON24 online event platform, presented by Globalspec. 

This event covers solar power, renewable energy such as biofuels, wind and geothermal energy.  In addition to a keynote overview predicting the energy landscape a decade from now, there will be additional presentations about alternative and renewable energy topics, as well as two dozen booths in the virtual show hall.

Solar Trough

Parabolic Solar Trough

If you’re interested, you can read a previous Unsubmerged post reviewing virtual online events here.

You may like the virtual trade show environment.  You can visit the exhibitors’ booths and read their literature, view their videos and presentations, and chat with their booth staff, or just remain quiet while you look around.  Any PDFs or presentations or product sheets you like you can put into a virtual briefcase to download later.  There’s also an interactive cafe called the “Networking Lounge” where you can chat with other attendees, and because there are typically several thousand of them at these shows, usually a handful or more are chatting in the lounge.  Register for the free Alternative and Renewable Energy online event here.

Also in October, on the 19th through the 21st, in Houston, Texas, Paratherm will be exhibiting live at the ChemInnovations Conference and Expo.  Billed as the only major chemical & petrochemical process industries event in North America in 2010, it will be presented at Houston’s Reliant Center.  Paratherm will occupy booth 401. 

The exhibit floor will be open from 10 to 6 on Tuesday and Wednesday October 19 and 20 and 10 to 2 on Thursday the 21st.  Pre-conference workshops will be held Monday October 18.

ChemInnovations Logo Image

ChemInnovations 2010

 More than 200 exhibitors, more than 100 speakers, over 35 sessions are involved.  Read more here.

So please, come visit Paratherm Corporation, in either the virtual, or in the material world.


And, in case you’re wondering, the number in the title 4EQP4KFPZ286 is a verification code which we were instructed to put in a blog entry title to index Unsubmerged Info in the Technorati blog directory.    It’s also a pretty good blog search engine, so if you want to search the blogosphere for the name of your company or products, it’s a good place to start.