Cleaning Your Heat Transfer Fluid System for Optimal Performance

If you use Paratherm’s high-quality thermal fluids, you probably know the heat transfer solutions they offer, and their many advantages.

But did you also know that it’s important to use a good cleaner in the system to keep it running optimally? Over time, sludge deposits can reduce the flow—and therefore, the heat transfer—in continuously running systems. Using a cleaner prevents this problem and eliminates any possible downtime.

Our Paratherm LC™ System Cleaner Liquid is made to clean your system and work in perfect harmony with our heat transfer fluids, and now through the end of November, we are offering it at a special 15% discount.

Used in mineral oil heat transfer fluid systems, this is an additive cleaner that is introduced in small concentrations—anywhere from three to 10% of the system volume.  You simply add the cleaner and run the system normally for a period of time, while the product dissolves and suspends the deposits. The system continues to run and produce as it normally does, meaning no slowdown or downtime, while its branded blend of additives and detergents dissolve deposits, sludge, and carbon.

Fluid Samples in Jars

Severely Degraded Gelled Fluid, Used Fluid, and New Fluid (L to R)

The process takes anywhere from three weeks to three months, depending on the amount of deposits, after which you simply refill the system with new heat transfer fluid. And if you want to know how the system is running before and after using Paratherm LC™ system cleaner, we can perform a complete heat transfer fluid analysis, providing a full analysis report. If you’re not sure whether  your system is ready for the cleaner yet, the analysis will check its condition and answer any and all questions.

While Paratherm LC™ is the ideal cleaning product for dissolving deposits and sludge in mineral oil-based fluids, we also offer Paratherm AC™ for synthetic/organic-based fluids, and Paratherm SC™ to disintegrate carbon lumps in smaller electrically heated mineral oil-based units.

Not sure which product you need? You can view the line of cleaning products on our website (, or feel free to call us with any questions at 800-222-3611.