From Analysis to Hot-Oil System Cleaners, Paratherm Has it All.

Here at Paratherm, we offer three different hot-oil system cleaners that are designed for two different fluid chemistries. Whether you have a mineral oil-based system or a synthetic fluid-based system, we have a product that will work for you.

Both our our Paratherm LC™ and Paratherm AC™ system cleaner liquids are used the same way to clean your system as it runs. A small percentage of these additives are placed into your system by including the cleaner in your heat transfer fluid until it is laced with 3% to 12% of the cleaner; the percentage may vary depending on how dirty the system is, and also how fast you want the cleaning to occur. Once that process has been completed, you run your system as you normally would. After an interval of weeks or months, you drain the cleaned system and recharge with new fluid. Paratherm LC is designed for any mineral-oil based fluid, while Paratherm AC is used with any synthetic/organic-based fluid.

Our Paratherm SC™ system cleaner liquid operates under a different method and is used for smaller systems. Unlike the LC and the AC, the SC cleaner does not clean your system as it runs and instead operates as an off-line cleaner. This solvent-based product is put into your completely drained system where it will then need to be circulated, drained and flushed.

We also offer fluid analysis services so that we can help you determine if there are existing equipment problems or if there are operational issues that may be causing your fluid to degrade. If you are having these problems, cleaning your system and performing system maintenance will be a huge help. Check out our quick, one minute video about our fluid analysis service.