Introducing the New Paratherm Website: The new design of our website improves user interactivity and increases availability of the technical content.

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Even before joining the world wide web in 1996, we have believed in an educational, informational approach to our audience of engineers, plant managers, and maintenance professionals.

Our Technical Data Sheets, a series of one- to two-page articles covering important aspects in the operation, maintenance, and design of hot-oil temperature control systems, were routinely sent via postal mail in response to product inquiries and sales leads. Many hot-oil system users relied on this advice, whether they became Paratherm customers or not.

These Technical Data Sheets are just one example of the investment we make in technical expertise and customer training.

Still evolving, our datasheets have been revised and expanded. They have been reformatted as web pages and PDF files. They still form the heart of information that we share with hot-oil system users throughout the world–only now, the sharing is more often electronic, via direct download on the web, or through email subscriptions.

The Technical Data Sheets, now over 20 in number, are still available on our new website, in the Resources section.

The redesign, at, modernized the look and feel of the website, last updated in 2003. The internet and its users have grown exponentially in the 9 years since our last design. Internet users have higher expectations now. They expect options and choices in how they receive their information. We have taken that into consideration and designed an interactive website that will make all the information easier to use and find, for both our users and for the indexing functions of search engines like Google. We have also included the option to receive our User’s Guide technical data sheets in regular email installments.

The new web design also features prominent inquiry forms and general newsletter subscription forms on every page of the site, and other quick email options, for individual product information, and short technical tipsheets, elsewhere on the site.

Links to detailed product information on our 8 heat transfer fluids and 3 system cleaning liquids, descriptions of our services, and other resources such as articles in industry trade journals are also presented in the site’s navigation.

We’ve also gone social! Links to Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, YouTube and the Paratherm Blog are also available for social media users.