Successes of 2013 Move into 2014!

We are excited to see the old year winding down and the New Year quickly approaching.  It has been a busy 2013 and thanks to our customers, it was a great one too!

Here’s a look ahead for 2014:

  • We are working on a possible new transfer fluid product for the asphalt paving industry. Its special properties will be oriented towards oxidation resistance and high thermal stability.  We plan on introducing it at an economical price.
  • In addition to this new transfer fluid, we will be developing new products that will target a new set of applications that should be of interest to many of our customers.
  • We are working on a realignment of our sales force in the New Year.  In particular, we will have an increased focus on international opportunities.
  • Gabriel Melo will be helping out on these new international deals.  His new title is International Business Development Manager.  He has international responsibilities beyond South America, which had been his main focus.
  • Two new domestic sales engineers were also added to our sales/service team in late 2013: Jim Walzer, handling liaison with Engineering Companies, Oil & Gas, Biodiesel and Bioenergy; and  Mike DiGiacomo, handling existing accounts and new inquiries in the western USA and Canada.  Great capabilities and experience, welcome additions to the Paratherm effort.
  • Paratherm director of technology Jim Oetinger will be speaking at the AICHE Spring Meeting in New Orleans, March/April 2014.  Stay tuned, we will update soon with details.

These are just a few of the many exciting things that will be taking place at Paratherm.  We hope that you and your families have a healthy and happy holiday season and New Year.  See you again in 2014!

Happy Holidays!!