Summer is System Maintenance Season

Summer means long, hot days, beach trips, barbecues, and plenty of celebrations. It also means days off and time away from work; at Paratherm, we often notice that this translates to downtime for our clients’ process-heating systems and a slow-down at their facilities.


Fluid Analysis Kit

When things do slow down, it’s a good time to focus on maintaining and improving your heating system; it’s also critical to your quality and safety. In fact, fire safety professional groups and insurers say that fluid analysis is considered a best maintenance practice, while the NFPA and Industrial Insurance underwriters suggest a minimum of annual testing.

One of the best ways to perform regular maintenance and testing is through a comprehensive analysis. Using our fluid analysis kit—which simply entails sending us a sample—we can determine any early warnings about process and equipment problems, and catch something before it becomes a bigger concern. The analysis tests both acid number and viscosity, and determines whether the fluid can remain in use, or needs to be replaced. It also analyzes the condition of the components of the system itself—another invaluable, time- and money-saving tool.

fluid analysis2 pic

Hot Oil System Cleaner Dissolving Sludge

If you are having trouble keeping a process hot or getting the system up to running temperature, this could be an indication of fouling in the heater tubes. In this case, Paratherm liquid cleaner can be used to effectively dissolve deposits while the system is running, and will result in a cleaner, more reliable system.

Taking the short amount of time now to perform a fluid analysis and using the system cleaner will prove invaluable in the long run, ensuring safety and savings throughout the year. Then you can relax and enjoy those summer celebrations.